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counselling aberdeen

We are located close to the Royal Cornhill Hospital and is served by local bus routes. The centre in Aberdeen provides the following counselling services:

  • Counselling Aberdeen – telephone counselling appointments
  • Relationship counselling Aberdeen – telephone counselling appointments.

What is counselling and relationship counselling?

Find out more about individual counselling and relationship counselling with The Spark or freephone 0808 802 0050 to discuss how our professionals can help you towards better personal, professional or family relationships.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment for telephone counselling freephone 0808 802 0050 or complete an enquiry form.

Opening hours and location

Sunday Closed

The Spark Counselling Aberdeen

39-41 Fraser Place
Aberdeen AB25 3TY
Phone: 0808 802 0050

counselling aberdeen

The Spark Counselling Aberdeen

Everyone has difficulties in their relationships at some stage. When you are in the midst of it, it is hard to believe that other people have similar problems and might need counselling, relationship counselling, family counselling or marriage counselling.

Speaking to a professional about relationship issues can be daunting. But it can also be the first step towards overcoming the problems you and your partner, or your family face. At The Spark we have been providing specialist support for relationships for 50 years.

Find out more about counselling. To book an appointment or discuss your options freephone 0808 802 0050 or make an enquiry.