Counselling and relationship support

Sometimes we all need some professional support to work through our relationship difficulties.

At The Spark, we specialise in online counselling and telephone counselling services for couple counsellingmarriage counselling, individual counselling, youth counselling and family counselling. We also operate the Relationship Helpline – a free relationship support line for people struggling with relationship problems that provides access to free counselling funded by The Scottish Government.


The Spark is changing the way it delivers its counselling and support services in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are focusing on our existing online counselling and telephone counseling services with increased capacity and more counsellors available for clients. Please read our latest update on how to access our services.

All of our counsellors are members of one or more of the following organisations: COSCABACPAFT or OTI ensuring the highest professional and clinical standards.

Find out more about The Spark or visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of our site.

To make an enquiry freephone 0808 802 0050, complete a counselling enquiry or find your local The Spark counselling centre.

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Counselling was invaluable and helped us through a very difficult time in our relationship. We are a much happier couple now.

97% of our clients said they would recommend counselling to their friends and family.