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  • An Unconventional Valentine’s Gift

    An Unconventional Valentine’s Gift

    Although Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity for many couples to celebrate their love and commitment to one another, for others it can be a stark reminder that being in a relationship can be tough.  While flowers, chocolates and fancy dinners are all lovely gestures, what if there was a gift that can truly enhance your…


  • Youth Mental Health: Reviews Are Great but We Need Action Too

    Youth Mental Health: Reviews Are Great but We Need Action Too

    Scotland, like the rest of the UK, faces a crisis in youth mental health. Studies and reports detailing the mental health issues faced by children and adolescents are regularly making the news headlines. The existing NHS-provided child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) are under severe pressure which has led to extensive waiting times. A…


  • Pupils Come First with Counselling

    Pupils Come First with Counselling

    The Spark is at the forefront of efforts to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of school pupils in Scotland. It is widely recognised that a child’s ability and readiness to learn can be compromised by difficult life experiences. Through counselling and education programmes we are helping schools manage the emotional and mental wellbeing of…


  • Infant Mental Health Before Birth

    Infant Mental Health Before Birth

    There is no denying that the mental health of children and young people is in decline. Last week further data was released confirming more children and young people are requiring support for mental health issues. Worse still NHS therapeutic services are struggling to meet government targets of 18 weeks from referral to accessing support. In…


  • Relationship Breakdown and Suicide

    Relationship Breakdown and Suicide

    At The Spark we relish opportunities to get involved in community-based initiatives. A great example is our involvement in the North West Glasgow Suicide Prevention forum and it’s ‘Suicide Safer Communities’ project. As a social enterprise, we are always looking for ways to help the communities we are based in. Through them we can offer…


  • Filling the Youth Mental Health Gap

    Filling the Youth Mental Health Gap

    Despite increased investment the NHS is struggling to cope with the demand for youth mental health support. Recent data indicates half of Scotland’s 14 health boards missed waiting time targets for young people with mental health issues. This comes following the addition of a further £150m in funding for mental health services in Scotland. The…