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  • 3 Signs You’re Suffering from Stress

    3 Signs You’re Suffering from Stress

    Stress is a part of life but too much of it can be very harmful to us mentally, emotionally and physically. Not only that, it has a way of creeping up on us whilst we are completely unaware. Thus we tend we tend not to be looking for help or finding ways to deal with…


  • Why I Became a Counsellor

    Why I Became a Counsellor

    The Spark counsellor Josie tells us why she became a relationship counsellor in this week’s blog. I had spent most of my life living in Australia before moving to Scotland with my family. While I waited for my work permit I thought volunteering on a helpline would be a worthwhile thing to do. As part…


  • Help! They are Becoming a Teenager!

    Help! They are Becoming a Teenager!

    Perhaps the only thing harder than being a teenager is being a parent to one. The highs of being a parent can be joyful: watching them develop, become their own person and start to achieve their own life goals. But on the flip side the lows can be intensely challenging: arguments, rebellion, bad behaviour and…


  • 5 Ways to Improve your Relationship

    5 Ways to Improve your Relationship

    Relationships – particularly the one we have with our partner or spouse – are vitally important. But as they are familiar and constant, we often take them for granted. Amongst the busyness of life it often feels like there is no time to ‘improve your relationship’. The good news is that even small changes can…


  • Filling the Youth Mental Health Gap

    Filling the Youth Mental Health Gap

    Despite increased investment the NHS is struggling to cope with the demand for youth mental health support. Recent data indicates half of Scotland’s 14 health boards missed waiting time targets for young people with mental health issues. This comes following the addition of a further £150m in funding for mental health services in Scotland. The…


  • Anxiety: 5 Ways to Cope Better

    Anxiety: 5 Ways to Cope Better

    Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in the UK. Research in 2013 indicated there were 8.2m diagnosed cases nationally. Anxiety can be debilitating but it can be managed, allowing sufferers to get back to enjoying life. Here are 5 practical ways to cope with anxiety1. 1. Get the jumble of thoughts…


  • Who Cares for the Carers?

    Who Cares for the Carers?

    Despite being one of the richest countries in the world, the UK struggled to attend to the emotional and mental wellbeing of the long-term ill. Science and medicine have allowed us to make great strides in dealing with the physical symptoms of long-term illness. How we handle the mental and emotional health of patients has…


  • 5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

    5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

    The research is in and being sick is the only thing that makes us more unhappy than work. Apologies if you are reading this at work as we have probably made your day that little bit harder. But fear not, we are offering up 5 ways to help make you feel happier at work. But…


  • Parents & the Post-Summer Struggle

    Parents & the Post-Summer Struggle

    As Scottish schools head back for a new term and summer holidays end, many parents will be left with the same troubling question: after time off with my family, why do I feel further apart from my partner? This is a common query posed to our counsellors in the weeks after the school holidays. We…


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