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Tips to Rekindle the Spark

Relationships are a beautiful journey, but even the strongest connections can sometimes lose their spark.

Whether you’re in a long-term partnership or just starting out maintaining the romantic aspect of your bond requires effort and dedication. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a curated collection of tips and techniques that will help you rediscover the passion, intimacy, and joy that initially brought you together.

Our aim is to equip you with practical advice to rekindle the romance and deepen the emotional connection with your partner. Get ready to make every moment count and watch your love story flourish once again.

Call a truce

Arguing a lot? Call a truce for a day. Agree to 24 hours of peace.

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Remember the good times

Remind each other of when and where you met. What happened next…?

Share your favourite music

Share your favourite tracks, all the way from your childhood to now.

Get outside

Whether you fancy seeing a sunrise, feeling the wind in your hair, or want to stargaze – breathe deeply and enjoy each other’s company.

Play childhood games together

Try out some things you used to enjoy as kids. Play a game together.

Be affectionate

Do you need sex to feel loved or need to feel loved to have sex? Whichever you need, kissing, cuddling, kind words, a thank you and support all seem to help!

Make a date

Plan it together and stick to it. Enjoy taking your time getting ready. Make an effort for yourself and each other.

Set aside time for intimacy

Sex would be spontaneous. The reality is we’re all busy. Carve out time to give yourselves the chance to be alone together and relaxed.

Ask questions, and listen

Do you really know about each other’s hopes and fears? Take time to listen carefully.

Look to the future

What do you want from your relationship a year from now; in five years; in ten?

Counselling and support

If you feel your relationship needs some professional support to help to rekindle the romance, then The Spark’s couples counselling and marriage counselling services offer the opportunity to speak to a counsellor.

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