Relationship Tips for Stepfamilies

Building a harmonious home where everyone feels loved, supported, and understood can be a complex undertaking, but with the right tools and guidance, it is indeed possible.

On this page, we offer some practical suggestions and insightful advice to help you foster healthy relationships, enhance communication, and create a positive environment for your stepfamily. Whether you’re a stepparent or a biological parent our aim is to empower you with effective strategies that promote understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect. From establishing clear boundaries to nurturing individual connections, we explore into various aspects of stepfamily life, addressing common concerns and offering valuable tips to help things run smoothly.

Hassle-free handovers

Agree to be punctual but remember, sometimes delays do happen. Try not to let the hold-ups ruin the children’s contact time.

Allow the child to feel at home

The kids aren’t just visiting. This is their life. Taking it gently gives everyone a chance to relax and be themselves.

Cheap-and-cheerful activities

Try talking about, planning for, and negotiating fun time together. Challenge the kids to come up with five things to do at the weekend that will not break the bank.

Take turns to choose what’s for dinner

It’s hard to please all the people all the time. You don’t need to impress. You can make life easy with ready-made options available. Can everyone take turns for a ‘favourites night’?

A space to call their own

A bedroom each often won’t be possible, but what about trying to have a bed and their own chosen bedding? Create wardrobe and drawer space for clothes and a special box for some of their favourite things.

Agree a clear set of family rules

Where possible, let everyone have a say in setting out family rules. Keep it simple. Then everyone knows what the rules are.

Take things one step at a time

Getting to know each other can be difficult especially when people are nervous, angry, or scared. It’s easy to feel hurt. Accept differences where you can and change what you need to, one step at a time…

Make room for parent-child bonding

Time is precious to the children who come to stay with their parent. Make special time for them ‘to be with each other.’ It also gives ‘time-out’ for everyone else.

Relax – don’t over-do it!

Create space for you and your partner to have time together – you need and deserve it.


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