Couple counselling

Couple counselling or couples therapy is a form of relationship counselling. It is aimed at improving communication and dealing with issues within an intimate relationship.

This type of talking therapy involves a couple counsellor and both individuals in the relationship working together.

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Here you can find out more information about couple counselling with The Spark, including:

Alternatively get in touch or give us a call on freephone 0808 802 0050 and we can help you decide if couples counselling might be right for your relationship.

How couple counselling can help

Counselling with The Spark gives couples the opportunity to understand and explore the relationship issues they are facing.

Working with an impartial, supportive and skilled counsellor, couples can deal with communication problems, major life events and other issues causing unhappiness.

Similar to marriage counselling, couples therapy focuses on creating a safe, non-judgemental space. Individuals are able to freely express their own unique feelings and emotions.


Make a counselling enquiry or  find your local counselling centre for more information.

Why couples try counselling

The motivations to seek support through couples counselling are unique to each relationship. However several issues are common including:

  • Major life events like starting a family, bereavement or relationship breakdown
  • Communication issues
  • Mental health problems
  • Financial issues
  • Parenting styles
  • Family conflict between parents and kids or within an extended family
  • Trust or jealousy issues when an affair is suspected or has been discovered.
  • Falling out of love, losing connection as a couple

Increasingly couples are using counselling on a semi-regular basis to enhance their relationship.

Couples counselling is not purely for relationships in crisis and can help deal with smaller issues before they become significant.

Make a counselling enquiry onlinefind your local counselling centre or freephone 0808 802 0050 for more information.

What to expect from couple counselling

Like any form of relationship counselling, couple counselling is not about being told what to do. Your counsellor will take an impartial and balanced perspective.

They will encourage and facilitate a process where the couple are able to decide upon the right course of action to take. A couple counsellor will never judge or take sides regarding your relationship.

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By supporting positive communication, counselling can help you and your partner come to your own decisions about how to progress.

This might involve changing how you interact with each other, the ways you spend time together or how you deal with specific issues as a couple.

In some cases this process might require ‘homework’ to be completed outside your counselling sessions. This will be unique to each couple but can take the form of topics to discuss, alternative ways of dealing with certain situations or completing a specific task together.

Make a couple counselling enquiry onlinefind your local counselling centre or freephone 0808 802 0050 for more information.

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Couple counselling for all

Counselling for couples with The Spark is open to anyone over the age of 16 and living in Scotland.

No matter your gender, stage of relationship, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion our counsellors are available to help.  We believe passionately in the importance of early intervention and encourage couples to consider counselling before relationship issues escalate.

Professional and clincal excellence assured

All of our counsellors are trained to diploma level and many have advanced qualifications in specific modalities of couples counselling. Each counsellor is an accredited member of one or more professional bodies including BACP, COSCA and OTI.

The Spark is proud to be a receipient of the COSCA Recognition Scheme Award for Organisations undertaking Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland. This award reflects our commitment to professional and clinical excellence in our counselling services.

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Make a counselling enquiry onlinefind your local counselling centre or freephone 0808 802 0050 for more information.

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