Building Relationship Resilience – Secondary school programme

Centred on the characteristics of healthy relationships, The Spark’s Secondary school Building Relationship Resilience programme equips young people to understand the benefits of positive relationships.

In doing so the programme contributes to enhancing the social, mental and emotional well-being of young people in S1 and S2.

The value of positive relationships for young people

A 75-year study of wellbeing conducted by Harvard University has demonstrated that our social connections are really good for us.

The only study of its kind concludes that positive, quality relationships keep us happier and healthier, and that loneliness kills. In terms of both our physical health and mental health.

Based on this research and The Spark’s collective experience in relationship support, we developed a programme for young people to illustrate the importance of relationships.

The programme looks at the impact these relationships can have on the emotional and mental well-being of young people in S1 and S2, both positive and negative.

Secondary school Building Relationship Resilience – programme content

Delivered by The Spark’s Children and Young People (CYP) Team, the programme covers:

  • Identifying a range of relationships young people will have and what makes these relationships positive for their mental, social and emotional well-being.
  • Relationships with peers and close friendships: developing skills and understanding to cope when relationships become complicated and challenging.
  • Family: managing transitions and changing relationships with the people they live with.
  • Community: identifying the relationships young people will have within their community (online or face to face) and exploring how these relationships are linked to our social wellbeing
  • Challenging relationships (e.g. bullies), and
  • Improving the quality of relationships.

Programme delivery

Relationship Resilience is delivered over six weeks with each session lasting one hour or period.  The CYP team utilise a variety of activities and discussions, encouraging young people to participate and share their own experiences.

This provides a safe environment where young people feel able to learn from their peers, allowing them to practice techniques learned through role-playing and form positive relationships with each other.

Building Relationship Resilience in your Secondary school

To find out more about The Spark’s Building Relationship Resilience programme and how it can benefit your school, get in touch.

Contact the CYP team on 0141 222 3910 or complete an enquiry form.