Clackmannanshire Council – Primary school counselling service

Early evidence impact report – May 2017

The Spark’s Children and Young People Team (CYP) has been providing a school-based counselling service for Clackmannanshire Council since February 2017. An early evidence impact report has confirmed that the service is making a direct contribution to the health and wellbeing of Primary school pupils.

Initially 9 Primary schools were identified for targeted counselling to assist pupils requiring emotional/mental health and wellbeing support. Two further schools were identified including one Additional Support Needs (ASN) school. Counselling is being delivered to pupils between the ages of 8 and 12.

Outcomes and evaluation

As of May 2017 the counselling service provided to Clackmannanshire Council has supported 55 pupils and engaged with 16 parents. A total of 323 counselling sessions have been delivered since the service started.

Download a copy of the full early evidence impact report – Clackmannanshire Council Primary school counselling impact report (525kb PDF opens in new window).

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Summary of Key Findings

  1. 61% of pupils were experiencing distress at the start of counselling, this reduced to 7% at the end of counselling.
  2. Pupils who experienced an improvement in their distress levels had an average 9-point shift. This represents a significant improvement by all clinical standards.
  3. Teacher feedback demonstrates that counselling is positively impacting upon concentration levels, behaviour, coping skills and pupil motivation.
  4. Teacher feedback has demonstrated that counselling is making a direct contribution against SHANARRI indicators and to the wider support packages for pupils.
  5. 89% of Parent responses stated there had been some/lots of positive change in their children.
  6. Parents believe the counselling service is already positively impacting upon how happy children are to attend school, how settled they are at home, how they are able to talk to parents about difficulties and attendance/timekeeping.
  7. Parental feedback indicates that this is a valuable service and that they believe their children are benefitting from school-based counselling services provided by Clackmannanshire Council and The Spark.

Download a copy of the full early evidence impact report – Clackmannanshire Council Primary school counselling impact report (525kb PDF opens in new window).

Primary school counselling services

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Raising Attainment in Scotland

children and young peopleThe Spark’s counselling and support services directly contribute towards the Scottish Government’s Raising Attainment strategy and Getting It Right for Every Child. By providing support to children and young people we can help create the best conditions for them to realise their potential.

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