Primary school Bullying and Cyberbullying programme


The Bullying and Cyberbullying programme from The Spark’s Children and Young People Team (CYP) aims to improve emotional well-being of Primary school children.

By giving them a deeper insight into unacceptable forms of relationship both offline and online, the programme addresses awareness, understanding and prevention.

Bullying and mental health

Research on explicit and subtle forms of bullying and cyberbullying indicates that both can have a significant, detrimental effect on children. A negative impact on mental, emotional and physical health is commonplace as a result of bullying.

This can often be exacerbated by a child’s lack of awareness of what is happening to them and whether they can do something about it.

Tackling bullying and cyberbullying

It is widely accepted that early intervention strategies to prevent bullying are essential to tackle the immediate and long term mental health issues they create.

The Primary school programme raises children’s awareness of unhealthy relationships. Participants are encouraged to consider what unhealthy relationships look and feel like.

Programme delivery

This programme is delivered over three weeks with each session lasting one hour.  Facilitators use a variety of techniques such as role-play, kinaesthetic activities and discussion to engage participants.  Pair work, group work and individual activities are used to encourage participation of all types of learners.

Further information

To find out more about The Spark’s education programmes for Primary schools, get in touch with the team.

Telephone 0141 222 3910 or complete an enquiry form.