Tips to Help Bond with Your Baby

This is a whole new world for you both. Your baby needs to feel safe and secure in your new family so take time to build your relationship right from the start.

Knowing how to build that relationship in between midnight feeds and nappy changes can be difficult.

Here are our top tips for bonding with you baby that will help to develop a strong attachment between you and your newborn. By using these tips, you can also support the early development of their brain leading to a happier, healthier child.


Attachment is an invisible bond your baby develops to you. Keep it strong by responding to your baby sensitively, consistently, and lovingly.


Cuddles, kisses, and love help your baby’s brain to develop. You can never share too many hugs as you bond with your baby.


Hold your baby in your arms and look into their eyes. It’s a perfect distance for them to see your face.


Smile at your baby and watch them smile back at you.


Hold your baby skin-to-skin. It helps to calm them and regulate their temperature and breathing.


Gentle touch and massage will help to soothe your baby.

Be close

Hold your baby close – they will recognise the smell of your body, which makes them feel secure.


Introduce your baby to play – make faces, stick out your tongue, wave at them, and watch them copy you.

Talk and sing

You baby is already tuned into your voice. Talk and sing to them and wait for them to respond.

Relationship Tips for New Parents

Focusing on your little bundle of joy is only natural. New parents can, however, end up neglecting each other in the whirlwind of dirty nappies and sleepless nights. Check out our Relationship Tips for New Parents as a guide to keeping your relationship happy and healthy.


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