How to Have a Better Conversation

Poor communication can be a starting point for relationship problems. Whether between married couples, parents and children, amongst friends or work colleagues, bad communication helps no one.

Even amidst the rise of social media our primary means of communication remains the same now as it was before the telephone (let alone the mobile phone) was invented: the humble conversation.

A conversation may seem like a simple thing to do. And therefore impossible to get wrong. I talk, you listen, then you talk and I listen. It is of course much more complicated than that, especially when it is an important one.

In this inspiring talk, Celeste Headlee takes us through her top 10 tips on how to have a better conversation.

Counselling for Communication Issues

Poor communication is at the root of many of many issues we see at The Spark. Counselling can help explore the reasons why communication issues occur and work through any difficulties that arise out of communication problems.

If you are having a communication issue, you might think you need to attended counselling as part of a couple or family but counselling for individuals is an appropriate choice for communication problems too.

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