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  • Avoiding Christmas Debt this year

    Avoiding Christmas Debt this year

    Christmas is an expensive time of year for all of us as we buy presents, decorate our homes and enjoy nights out. Costs can soon add up and Christmas debt is a significant problem with 1 in 4 adults in the UK feeling pressured into overspending at Christmas. Loans, credit cards and Christmas debt Many…


  • Social Media & Self Image

    Social Media & Self Image

    One of the common problems presented by school pupils to our counsellors is the tricky issue of social media. Children and young people are the section of our society that first embraced social media platforms. The highs and lows of social media They have been the first to experience the highs and lows of social…


  • Christmas, Money and Debt

    Christmas, Money and Debt

    Nearly half of all Scots surveyed in a recent YouGov poll are already in debt before they spend on Christmas. Nearly 20% said they were struggling to cope and feeling stressed by personal debt on credit cards and loans. Christmas debt and relationship breakdown Debt is a major cause of stress and relationship problems for…


  • Relationship Breakdowns & Lawyers

    Relationship Breakdowns & Lawyers

    Entrepreneur Stephen Moore blogs about supporting the work of The Spark, relationship breakdowns and working with lawyers. The trauma of relationship breakdowns Relationship breakdowns are traumatic for all involved and all of us know someone who has suffered as a result. Counselling and guidance can come from friends and family but, as in most spheres…