The Relationship Helpline for parents and families

The Relationship Helpline is a free, confidential telephone service from The Spark.

The helpline is available to support parents living in Scotland as they deal with life’s relationship challenges. Whether they come from family disputes, conflict with your partner or difficulties parenting a teenager, The Spark is here to listen and help. Please note that individuals living outside of Scotland are welcome to use this service but will be charged a small fee.

You can call the Relationship Helpline for parents and families free on 0808 802 2088 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday.

Not sure what to talk about?

Picking up the phone to speak about your problems as a parent or family can be nerve-wracking. Often callers are not sure what they need or want to talk about.

That’s absolutely fine. Our specialist advisors are available to listen and support. There is no time limit on calls or online chat sessions.

Start the journey towards tackling your problems by calling the Relationship Helpline free on 0808 802 2088 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday.

Calling the helpline – what happens next?

Relationship helpline for parents dealing with family issues

When you call the Relationship Helpline one of The Spark’s trained advisors will answer. They will listen to you and discuss how you are feeling.

During your call or online chat they are available to provide advice where appropriate and recommend specialist help in your local area.

The helpline is open 9am until 5pm, Monday to Thursday*.

Completely confidential and completely free

The helpline is completely free to use and your confidentiality is our top priority.

Calls are not recorded.

The Spark does not share your information with any other individual or agency. We endeavour to provide you with the most professional service possible. Therefore our clinical supervisors will occasionally monitor part of a call for quality assurance purposes only.

*At the end of your call you may be asked some questions about the helpline. These questions are only used to monitor usage of this service and data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.