Professional Wellbeing Support

Work can take an emotional toll. Some roles are tougher on the mind, heart and whole being than others.

Professional Wellbeing Support offers lone workers and team members the space and time to work through and find solutions to the emotional challenges of assisting others. It is ideal for employees working in client-facing roles across the third and public sectors, advocacy, and union representation roles.

A woman looking at a laptop. She looks burnout and exhausted.

Professional Wellbeing Support Provides

Space to resolve work-related emotional and mental wellbeing challenges
Reduces impact of vicarious trauma and risks of sick leave and burnout
Time to work through the impact supporting others has on you
Monthly 1-2-1 online or in-person support

Professional Wellbeing Support helps staff to cope with demanding roles. The monthly hour-long sessions assist staff with their professionalism and focus, prevent work issues affecting home life and reduce the risks of sickness and burnout.

It’s so good to speak to someone neutral. It takes away the frustration and anxiety of everything. It’s essential for a place like Men Matter to have Professional Wellbeing Support in place for staff. It shows my organisation is doing everything they can to take care of me and value me. The dynamics have improved here because we all have that hour to find solutions.

Men Matter Scotland team member

Mental Health UK’s Burnout Report 2024 found “a fifth of workers hit burning point [and] needed to take time off work in the past year”.

Professional Wellbeing Support aims to tackle rising levels of compassion fatigue and burnout. It helps employees and employers to effectively deal with the emotional toll that comes with assisting others with difficulties.

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Professional Wellbeing Support Case Study

Read about how The Spark helps Men Matter Scotland with Professional Wellbeing Support

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