Supporting Children and Young People

The Spark is the largest provider of school based counselling and education programmes to children and young people in Scotland. Our dedicated Children and Young People Team (CYP) has become a trusted partner to local authorities and schools across the country.

children and young people

Working with schools, colleges and businesses the CYP team help individuals to develop self-awareness and support their emotional, behavioural, mental and social health and wellbeing.

Our local council partners include Glasgow, Aberdeenshire, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Inverclyde, West Dunbartonshire, Stirling and East Dunbartonshire.

Services are provided based on age-group category:

We also provide specific support and training for teachers including our Relationship First Aid for Teachers course.

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Early intervention

Scotland aims to provide children and young people with the Best Start in Life.

The Spark’s support helps them to cope when life, family, friends or school experiences become challenging. Ultimately our work helps children and young people develop essential resilience skills.

The Spark’s Children and Young People mission

Working with children and young people our mission is to help participants become:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors to society.

News: Scotland’s Deputy First Minister hails the “positive impact” of The Spark’s school-based counselling services.

Raising Attainment amongst Children and Young People

children and young people

The support we deliver directly contributes to the Scottish Government’s Raising Attainment strategy and Getting It Right for Every Child.

By providing support to children and young people we can help create the best conditions for them to realise their potential.

The Spark provides school-based counselling for children and young people experiencing particular difficulties and problems. This includes art therapy and therapeutic play.

Our work incorporates Primary School, Secondary School and Post-School settings offering a range of universal group Education Programmes.

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Improving Scotland’s prospects

The Spark’s Children and Young People school-based counselling programmes are making a real difference in Scotland. Supported by a number of funding partners, we are actively changing lives and future prospects.

In delivering services for children and young people The Spark is fully-committed to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The convention sets out the basic rights of every person under the age of 18 and the steps that must be taken by governments, organisations and individuals to uphold those rights. Find out more about the UNCRC with this helpful summary.

Review our case studies and research to see how the CYP Team is improving Scotland’s prospects for Primary, Secondary and Post-School groups.

Our track record with children and young people

The Spark works with education services in a number of Scottish local authority areas each year. In Glasgow alone we provide relationship education and school-based counselling in over 30 schools each year.

“We have been working with The Spark for a number of years now and during that time many of our children have been able to access specialist support, which we are unable to provide.

The therapists have provided a range of support from counselling to art/play therapy … and have successfully enabled our pupils to explore their feelings and concerns in a supportive and safe environment. Pupils, parents and staff have noted “brighter souls”, upon the conclusion of the sessions.”

 Evelyn Gibson, Head Teacher, Saracen Primary School, Glasgow

“Lochend Community High School has had a longstanding and very fruitful partnership with The Spark incorporating violence reduction education to S1 classes, counselling support for our young people (S1-6) and training senior students to be peer educators.

The violence reduction insert to our PSE programme has been both informative and enjoyable for our S1 pupils due, in no small degree, to the quality of The Spark tutors. The counselling service has been an extremely valuable resource within the school and is valued by the young people and guidance staff alike.

Peer Education training has provided opportunities for senior pupils to enhance their confidence and employability skills which has proved beneficial in relation to them securing positive destinations beyond school.”

David Ferguson, Principal Teacher Pupil Support, Lochend Community High School

Many children do not need counselling and are able to resolve emotional difficulties with the help of their family and friends. For some who have challenging difficulties, counselling can offer an important support for the child’s health and wellbeing.

Future projects

children and young people

To find out more about our school-based counselling or to discuss how we can help your children and young people, get in touch with the team.

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