heartsSo another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Some people go all out on the day of love, while others ignore it completely. Either way, for some the magic that seems to take over the 14th of February can wear off quickly.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been tweeting out our tips for romance, but these tips aren’t limited to just one day. Taking care of your romantic relationships should be a long term goal. We understand that it’s not always a bed of roses (which I personally feel is impractical in the first place), so we’re here to help you avoid those thorny patches.

Let’s take one of our tweeted tips as a starting point.

Look to the Future: What do you want from your relationship a year from now, in five years, in ten?

Why not take some time to sit down with each other and discuss goals for the year ahead. Maybe plan a summer adventure together? Or make a pact to get a bit more active? Whatever you decide to do make sure it’s something you’ll both enjoy.

Another idea is to make a relationship time capsule by writing down some things you hope to do as a couple in the coming years. No matter if it’s something small like finally painting that room, or life changing like starting a family. Pick a date in the future to open it up then put them all in a safe place, adding to them as you think of more.

Regardless of what you do to keep that romance alive, remember that communication is an important part of a healthy relationship.


Read our full set of Tips for Reconnecting. Or tweet us @SparkScotland with your suggestions for ways to keep romance in your relationship fresh.

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