For the past few months, a colleague and I have been selecting a song of the week every Monday morning. We both listen to a lot of music so seem to always have a song or two stuck in our heads. As some of you may be aware, the best way to get those ear worms out of your head is to pass them on to someone else.

This week we’re starting something a wee bit different. We’ve decided to get the rest of National Office in on the fun by creating an office playlist over the course of the week, then sharing with you to kick off the weekend.

I’ve had quite a number of responses to this challenge, and a couple of surprise suggestions. So let’s get to the playlist…

I’ve collected the playlist over on our YouTube channel. Have a listen and see if you find some new music to add to your collection. Or send us a message over on twitter with your song of the week.

Oh and Happy Easter from everyone at The Spark!

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