Union Jack and Saltire FlagsFrom Aberdeen to Glasgow, from Inverness to Lanarkshire, from Fife to Ayrshire, from the Islands to the Borders, wherever you are in Scotland, it would be impossible to be untouched by the weeks leading up to the referendum.

Strong opinions and heated debates have been expressed throughout the referendum process. Whether in our family unit or at work with colleagues, in our social lives with our friends we have well and truly aired our views. That is what it means to live in a democracy: we are allowed not only to hold such views; we are also allowed to express them.

At The Spark, we are hearing from people across Scotland whose relationships are difficult due to being on different sides of the referendum debate.  At home, couples are not talking to each other, there are divides between parents and children over whether we support independence or not.

And these are the people we love – what impact is it having at work, with neighbours and within our communities.

Many of our relationships at the moment are based on whether we are a Yes or a No.  No matter which side won there was bound to be disappointment and that disappointment comes in different levels and expressions.

We as an organisation are experienced in supporting people through difficult transitions when emotions are blocking the way forward, preventing people from getting on with their lives, where hurt, anger and frustration is destructive and divisive.

The Spark provides support for relationships, whatever the difficulty. The Relationship Helpline is a free service providing immediate relationship support. If problems and issues are more complex, then we would probably recommend Relationship Counselling.

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