Excuse me while I blow the dust off the blog. Of course I’m sure you won’t judge me for taking some annual leave to rest and relax. But fear not as we are now returning to our regular programming.

The Spark is proud to present our new 2 day training course, Relationship First Aid. With this course we aim to improve on the skills of front line support staff and professionals who work with people experiencing difficulties in their relationship. We hope the tools provided by the course will help those taking it to spot and provide aid when the early signs of relationship problems become apparent.

Here’s a sneak peak directly from the information leaflet we have in development (shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone.)

“Aims of Relationship First Aid©

  • Highlight the importance of healthy relationships for our growth and wellbeing
  • Reduce the stigma of relationship difficulties
  • Identify ways to offer Relationship First Aid
  • Signpost towards the right support”


If you want to read more about Relationship First Aid, have a look here. Or if you’ve heard enough to peak your interest why not go over to our Eventbrite page to book a place on the course.

In other news, let’s get back into the swing of our weekly playlist courtesy of the National Office staff:

  • James Brown – Night Train
  • Earth Wind & Fire – September
  • Queen – I want it all
  • Nine Inch Nails – Hand the feeds
  • General Fiasco – Waves
  • Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
  • The Cranberries – Linger
  • Simply Red – Holding back the years
  • Queen – Heaven for Everyone
  • Distant Worlds – Swing de Chocobo

As always, let us know what you think of our song choices over on Twitter. Or if you you’d like to suggest some of your own we’d be happy to pass them on.

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