Back by popular demand, or because I’ve been sending constant emails on the subject, is the National Office Song of the Week Playlist. We hope you enjoyed our selections from last week and are eagerly waiting for this week’s choices.

Going by our songs, some of us seem to be feeling nostalgic this week. Others appear to be gearing up for the summer with some current chart toppers. It really gives you an understanding of the mix of personalities we have at The Spark, and hopefully you’ll be able to find a kindred musical spirit within our staff. Or you might feel like we need to be given a musical master class. In which case, drop us a tweet @SparkScotland with your suggestions for alternatives.

On to the playlist we go.

Once again we’ve set up this playlist over on our YouTube channel for your listening pleasure.

Speaking of listening, our Helpline team are really good at that sort of thing. If you need to talk to someone why not give The Relationship Helpline a call on 0808 802 2088.

Have a good weekend.

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