How do you normally begin your working day? Do you have a nap on the train? Star in your own rock concert as you drive in? Or do you grab a Metro newspaper to catch up on the latest news?

In today’s issue of The Metro, reporter Dominic Yeatman writes “One in four says spark has gone”. Well, as you can imagine this caught our attention. Yeatman goes on to say that over a fifth feel they are “stuck in a rut”.

If you caught the article you may also have noticed the 25 reason a relationship loses its spark. These include small things like not kissing each other goodbye, and some rather big things like forgetting to say “I love you”.

At The Spark we recognise that it can be easy to fall into bad habits which can negatively impact your relationship. Our trained counsellors can help you work on getting that spark back, either through face to face counselling or over the phone. You can even speak with someone through webchat if you prefer.

So, grab a copy of today’s Metro to read the full article, and get in touch with us if you recognise yourself in that list of reasons.

Appointments: 0845 271 2711
The Relationship Helpline: 0808 802 2088

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