volunteered - got way happierIt’s been a huge year here at The Spark. A complete re-brand of our organisation, a fresh new website, new services established and massive deliveries of new marketing materials are just  a few of the challenges (nay opportunities!) 2014 has given us.

With changes as wide-scale as these we knew that raising awareness of our new brand to those who knew us under our former name was going to be a significant priority. But we had bigger goals. What about all the people and agencies who had never heard of us before? How could we engage with them and let them know about our services?

The answer was, with the help of Project Scotland, recruiting our volunteer Marketing Administrator, Michael. Here’s Michael’s story…

Insiders Story

Hello, my name is Michael and I have been volunteering here at The Spark for nearly 6 months now.  I found the position through Project Scotland, a charity that helps people like me get work experience through volunteering.

After not working for a year I had no self confidence in my ability to work, but I was reassured every step of the way that I was doing a good job.  The work and life experience that I have gained here at The Spark has helped me grow as a human and given me goals to work towards.

For this I would like to thank everyone at Project Scotland and The Spark from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity to grow and hope that they can help many more people like me in the future.

While at The Spark, Michael has made a significant impact on marketing our services across Scotland and raising our brand profile. He has grown in confidence, is conscientious, forward thinking and now has valuable work experience that will help him to move into work, ideally in a finance role. Although we don’t want to lose him (really, we don’t!), we look forward to Michael telling us that he’s secured a job and providing him with a glowing reference. A great example of how volunteering can support someone is so many ways, both personally and in preparation for work.

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