We are already up to tip 8 in our guide to a stress free Christmas: enjoy the build up to Christmas Day.

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Stress free Christmas tip 8 – enjoy the build up to Christmas Day

After the final firework burns out on Bonfire Night, attention turns to Christmas whether we like it or not.

Our focus on getting everything ready for 25 December means that the days leading up to the festive season can pass in a blur.

Try instead to take some time to enjoy the moments and experiences before Christmas Day.

enjoy the build up to Christmas Day

Rather than considering each Christmas present as something just to be ticked off the ‘to do’ list, take pleasure in spending time to pick a gift for your loved one.

Go for a walk down your local high street and really take in the Christmas lights instead of racing past them in the car heading to the next appointment.

enjoy the build up to Christmas Day

Take a radical approach to seeing friends and family and consider catching up with some of them before Christmas Day.

Rather than trying to cram in all your visits between Boxing Day and Hogmanay, why not do some before the 25th?

Not only will it ease the pressure to see everyone in those six days before New Year, it will also extend the magic of Christmas Day.

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