Coronavirus (COVID-19) – service update

School counselling services

During the Coronavirus outbreak in Scotland, The Spark will roll out a digital counselling service for schools currently contracted with The Spark. This will maintain the provision of school counselling services for children while ensuring the safety of clients, teachers, fellow pupils and colleagues.

The Spark Digital Counselling Service will be available to pupils currently engaging with The Spark School Counselling Service, to provide continuity of service. In addition, these schools can also access the service for other pupils who they feel would benefit from a short term intervention to specifically support with the management of anxiety at this time.

Client schools will be contacted regarding switching to digital-only services. In the interim, schools are encouraged to contact their operational lead at The Spark directly for updates and to discuss service provision.

Digital counselling for non-contracted Primary and Secondary schools

The Spark is able to provide a digital-only counselling service to additional primary and secondary schools in Scotland, as required. They do not need to be an existing or previous partner of The Spark.

For more information please contact Lisa Thomson, Children and Young People Operations Manager.

For more information regarding The Spark’s school counselling services visit the Children and Young People section of our website.

Information last updated: 18 March 2020