Relationship First Aid for Teachers

relationship first aid for teachersRelationship First Aid for Teachers is The Spark’s 2-day experiential course for teachers. The central aim of the programme is to help teachers develop the skills to most effectively support the school community.

The course looks at attachment from early childhood through to adulthood and how this impacts upon a child’s ability to form secure relationships. Conflict, stigma and judgements shape those attachments throughout a child’s life. This course helps teachers develop their skills to more effectively support pupils.

Each course is suitable for both Primary and Secondary school teachers as well as learning support staff and student teachers/probationary teachers.

Review feedback from teachers that have already completed the course.

Relationship First Aid for Teachers – booking and prices

Relationship First Aid – 2 day programme: £85 per person

To make a booking enquiry telephone 0141 222 2166 or complete the enquiry form below.

Relationship First Aid for Teachers – course description

This course is an experiential skills-based programme designed to help teachers and support staff gain a better understanding of relationship issues often presented by school children. The course will look specifically at how the challenges pupils face impact upon their relationships. Participants will also consider how pupils communicate with teachers and why they react in certain ways.

Emotional and behavioural issues impact upon a child’s ability to learn effectively. Relationship First Aid aims to equip teachers with the skills to respond to relationship issues in the classroom and correspondingly see a positive impact upon learning and attainment.

To make a booking enquiry complete the enquiry form below or telephone 0141 222 2166.

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Course framework

The Relationship First Aid Skills Framework will enable you to:

  • Identify early where your pupils might be struggling with relationships
  • Have confidence to open up a conversation with a pupil
  • Create more effective relationships with your pupils
  • Achieve better outcomes for both your pupils and your school
  • Equip your pupils with an effective communication tool
  • Signpost your pupils to specialist support.

Who is the course aimed at?

relationship first aid for teachersThe course is aimed at Primary and Secondary school teachers and support staff. Alternative Relationship First Aid courses are available for professionals in other areas including healthcare, housing, social care and employability.

To book a place on the next Relationship First Aid for Teachers course or discuss your schools’ training requirements, telephone 0141 222 2166 or complete the enquiry form above.

Teacher feedback

Each Relationship First Aid for Teachers course is evaluated and assessed by participants. Read what teachers who have completed the course throught about it:

The Spark’s track record in training

A recent evaluation of our Relationship First Aid© training highlighted very high approval ratings and satisfaction from course delegates. Specifically:

  • 96% strongly agreed/agreed that they had a better understanding of how to de-escalate conflict
  • 98% strongly agreed/agreed that they had increased skills to open up conversations with their clients

Many public, private and third sector organisations have completed our this training with their front line employees. They include: