Action on SectarianismOur Children & Young Peoples team have been working hard over the last few years to tackle sectarianism in Glasgow, working with young people in their communities. As part of the Positive Community Relationships programme the team help young parents and prospective young parents to develop their self-awareness, communication and relationship skills with the aim of creating long-lasting change towards a positive future for their own children.

In a recent article posted by Action on Sectarianism some of the team who deliver the workshops shared their insights into the programme.

“Acknowledging a young person’s beliefs and values creates an opportunity to challenge sectarian or extremist views. This challenge sometimes comes from themselves, their peers or from the facilitator. When this is done in a respectful and sensitive way, it can usually lead to positive change for the young person and in my experience, increases their confidence as they feel more connected to their wider community.”

You can read the whole article on the Action on Sectarianism blog.

Learn more about the programmes our Children & Young People team deliver here.

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